Portrait: Natalie Ionescu (2022)
Bennett Charles Kuhn (b. 1988, NYC) is a philosopher, beatmaker, composer, record label organizer (Astro Nautico), DJ, multi-instrumentalist, critic, pedagogue, filmmaker, poet, and mask maker. He is a guide to youth artists in Philly (Creative Resilient Youth) and a peer advocate committed to realizing abolitionist alternatives to carceral mental health care systems.

Kuhn has a BA in Philosophy and Arabic from Tufts University. On themes of grief and madness, he creates essay films (‘house tour’), writes experimental non-fiction, composes music solo and collaboratively, and co-organizes the mental health justice collaborative Creative Resilience Collective. Kuhn’s live shows combine traditional art mediums with facilitation styles co-learned as a community organizer in Philadelphia, Nicaragua, and Brooklyn since 2010. The resulting rituals are complexly interactive and reverently disruptive.

When not traveling to screen ‘house tour,’ this year, Kuhn is probably to be found on morning runs along industrial corridors of Southwest Philly being found by lost dogs; playing with play on the alto saxophone; carving masks out of tulip poplar; treating backgammon as a theater of amor fati; becoming an uncle in Los Angeles; and tending to oysters off Cheabegue Island.